Shane Eagle Premieres Sun / Baby Blue 4’s

South African rapper Shane Eagle steps into a new productive season with the release of two singles, “Sun” and “Baby Blue 4’s.”

The songster had shared the cover art for both and bid fans look forward to their release. Now fans have what’s been promised.

For “Sun,” the songster actually took fans into a place in the sun. In “Baby Blue 4’s,” fans experience an entirely different side of Shane Eagle

He may not have been the most prolific this year. But then Shane Eagle more than compensates for this with the quality of his drops in the same year. The songs might be few, but they are stuff to hear yet.

Before his “Sun” and “Baby Blue 4’s” drop, he had popped as a guest on J-Tek’s “Solace,” a song in which fans can still find solace today.

What follows, the two-song collection “Sun” and “Baby Blue 4’s,” affirms Shane as a creative worth retaining on a playlist. Both have no guests, but Shane Eagle delivers his verses masterfully.

The result is that the listener might end up an Oliver Twist, asking for more. There’s nothing to add, for now, so just vibe with what’s playing and have a wonderful time.

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