Shino Kikai & DJ Maphorisa – Khabazela Ft. Mashudu & Kabza De Small

A New Amapiano Sensation Hits the Airwaves

In a thrilling development for Amapiano enthusiasts, Shino Kikai and DJ Maphorisa have released a new track titled “Khabazela,” featuring the talents of Mashudu and Kabza De Small. This song is part of their latest musical project, the “Izitha” mini-album, which has been eagerly anticipated by fans in 2023.

“Khabazela” emerges as a standout track, showcasing the unique blend of Amapiano rhythms with the distinct styles of each artist. Shino Kikai and DJ Maphorisa, known for their innovative approaches to music production, have once again proven their prowess in creating captivating beats and melodies. The addition of Mashudu and Kabza De Small, both celebrated figures in the Amapiano scene, adds depth and richness to the track.

The song has already started making waves in the music industry, with fans and critics alike praising its composition and the seamless integration of each artist’s signature style. The collaboration between these powerhouse artists symbolizes the dynamic and evolving nature of the Amapiano genre, which continues to gain popularity both locally and internationally.

As “Khabazela” gains traction, it is clear that Shino Kikai and DJ Maphorisa have successfully captured the essence of Amapiano while pushing the boundaries of the genre. This track is not just a musical piece but a celebration of the collaborative spirit that defines the world of Amapiano music.


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