Shuga Cane – Godola Ft. Boontle RSA & SafeSax

Shuga Cane brings y’all a musical treat dubbed “Godola,” featuring Boontle RSA and SafeSax. The champions are here, and they ring something close to magical.

Shuga Cane, when pronounced, might give the image of sugarcane. After all, both phrases sound the same. And you might be forgiven if you should be forgiven if you should think it’s the food and not the man.

Why not? What the songster has created in collaboration with his associates can as well pass for food — food for the spirit, so to speak. Shuga Cane might not be a buzzing name in Mzansi music right now, but the songster’s gift cannot be discounted, and he’s created a lyrical winner with Boontle RSA and SafeSax.

“Godola” is a song of undeniable appeal, and it wouldn’t be surprising that lovers of good music generally would have a wonderful time vibe to it.

If you count yourself a lover of good music and a good time, you may want to add this number to your playlist and rock it for all its worth. The piece, a part of Shuga Cane’s recently released album, is worth every second of its playtime. Vide to it and see boredom flee tour presence.

Shuga Cane – Godola Ft. Boontle RSA &

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