Simmy Drops “Ngihamba Nawe” Ft. Sino Msolo

Simmg drops new song "Ngihamba Nawe" Featuring Sino Msolo

Simmy Drops “Ngihamba Nawe” Ft. Sino Msolo

Simmy to finally releases brand new song “Ngihamba Nawe” featuring Sino Msolo.

We all love it when our favourite artistes surprise us with new music even when we least expected it. It is always nice to receive new songs from artistes, especially in times like this when every one is stuck in their homes with nothing to do.

Talented Mzansi singer, Simmy previously announced via her Instagram page that she would be dropping her newest song “Ngihamba Nawe” featuring Sino Msolo on Friday, 27 March. She announced the coming release of the single asking fans it they would be safe and ready for it.

A few hours ago, the song dropped. Now we’re left wondering if she gave fans the wrong date for its release or if she was just in a hurry to meet her fans’ needs. Anyways, we are excited for the new song and hope that it does pretty well on the airwaves. Get your copy here.