Simmy Sings Angimale With Khuzani

What has Simmy been up to? Well, the Mzansi songstress sings “Angimale” with compatriot Khuzani. It’s a soul-stirring song and one that will get you vibing in no time.

The song hasn’t just popped on the music orbit, however. It actually is part of Simmy’s recently released “Tugela Fairy (Made Of Stars Project).” This 16-track project has “Angimale” as the last track.

The track might be at the very bottom, but this in no way means it is the least interesting of the songs in the compilation.

In fact, we have no qualms rating it among the top ten – for reasons that should be apparent presently, assuming you would take the trouble to listen to all the numbers in the compilation which plays for exactly one hour and twelve minutes.

It’s weekend, and we already have “Angimale” on repeat. This afro-pop track is worth every second of its four minutes-plus play time. It wouldn’t hurt to have it on your playlist this weekend and beyond. Yes?

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