Sipho Magudulela – My Thoughts In Song Album

Sipho Magudulela Drops Highly-Anticipated Album "My Thoughts In Song"

South African music sensation, Sipho Magudulela, has unveiled his latest project, “My Thoughts In Song.” This album is a reflection of Magudulela’s deep emotions, artistry, and his journey in the music industry. The tracks are a blend of soulful melodies, powerful lyrics, and captivating rhythms that resonate with listeners.

One of the standout tracks from the album is “Thando Lwami,” which features the talents of Russell Zuma & Jessica LM. Another notable song is “Liyeza,” which sees collaborations with Omit ST & Jessica LM, and features Ze2. The track “Dali Buya” showcases Magudulela’s versatility with the inclusion of VocalKat. Furthermore, “Khethiwe” is a collaboration with Yumbs & Baby S.O.N, adding a unique flavor to the album.

Other tracks that have garnered attention include “Inyembezi,” which features Cnethemba Gonelo & Frank Mabeat, and “Inhliziyo” with Rea Jea. The album also boasts collaborations with Murumba Pitch in “Ntab’ezikude” and a special track with Soa Mattrix titled “Uvalo / Imizwa Yam.”

The release of “My Thoughts In Song” solidifies Magudulela’s position in the music industry as a force to be reckoned with. His ability to blend various musical elements and collaborate with other talented artists showcases his commitment to delivering quality music to his fans. This album is a must-listen for anyone looking to experience a musical journey filled with emotion, passion, and exceptional artistry.

For those eager to dive into this musical experience, “My Thoughts In Song” is available on various music platforms.

My Thoughts In Song Album


Track Number Song Title Main Artists Featuring Artists
1 Thando Lwami Sipho Magudulela, Russell Zuma & Jessica LM
2 Liyeza Sipho Magudulela, Omit ST & Jessica LM Ze2
3 Dali Buya Sipho Magudulela VocalKat
4 Khethiwe Sipho Magudulela, Yumbs & Baby S.O.N
5 Inyembezi Sipho Magudulela Cnethemba Gonelo & Frank Mabeat
6 Inhliziyo Sipho Magudulela Rea Jea
7 Ntab’ezikude Sipho Magudulela & Murumba Pitch Tamsi 2.O
8 Dali Sipho Magudulela, Russell Zuma & Jessica LM Frank Mabeat
9 Uvalo / Imizwa Yam Sipho Magudulela & Soa Mattrix B33Kay SA, DeSoul, L2Sounds & Sinny Man’Que


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