Sir Trill – Ghost Album

Since the release, he made his breakthrough, Sir Trill has been busy. He’s been touring, collaborating with other artists, and working on new music. Now, he’s unleashed his debut album, “Ghost.”

“Ghost” is a departure from Sir Trill’s previous works and a project to cement his presence in the music scene. It’s a more introspective and personal album, exploring themes of loss, love, and hope. Sir Trill says that the album is about the things that matters to him.

The first single from “Ghost,” “Busisa,” is a haunting ballad about loss and love. Sir Trill’s emotive vocals are accompanied by a piano, creating a feeling of intimacy and melancholy. “Wena” featuring Disciples Of House is a hopeful song about wanting to change the past. Sir Trill’s lyrics are full of regret and longing, but there’s also a sense of hope and possibility.

“Ghost” is an emotionally charged album that Sir Trill says is about. It’s a personal and introspective album, exploring themes of loss, love, and hope.

Sir Trill – Ghost Album


  1. Sir Trill – Busisa (Intro) (feat. Nkosazana Daughter & Zaba)
  2. Sir Trill – Wena (feat. Disciples Of House)
  3. Sir Trill – Why Ninga Lali Emakhaya (feat. Soa Mattrix)
  4. Sir Trill & Jessica LM – Lwandle Xiluva (feat. ThackzinDJ & Tee Jay)
  5. Sir Trill – Staring (feat. Bailey, DJ Givy Baby & EmjayKeyz)
  6. Sir Trill – Bebengazi (feat. Soa Mattrix & DJ Givy Baby)
  7. Sir Trill – Ibasi Labelungu (feat. Soa Mattrix)
  8. Sir Trill – Jean To Gin (feat. Bailey & EmjayKeyz)
  9. Sir Trill – Mfaz’ wo Mjita (feat. Pushkin, Springle, T&T MuziQ & Tycoon)
  10. Sir Trill – iKoloi (feat. Soa Mattrix & DJ Givy Baby)
  11. Sir Trill – Epatini (feat. Soa Mattrix)
  12. Sir Trill – Batlao Hurdaa (feat. Soa Mattrix)
  13. Sir Trill – Maboko (feat. Daliwonga & Visca)
  14. Sir Trill – Ngisize (feat. Khanyisa, Tycoon & Marcus MC)
  15. Sir Trill – Nguwe (feat. Tycoon & Marcus MC)
  16. MacG & Sir Trill – Nkantin (feat. Bailey & EmjayKeyz)
  17. Sir Trill – Next Door (feat. T&T MuziQ & Happy Jazzman)
  18. Sir Trill – Abayazi Abay’ funayo (feat. Soa Mattrix)
  19. Sir Trill – Ngilinde (Outro) (feat. Raspy & Yumbs)

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