Sjava, Mzukulu & Inkos’yamagcokama – Akabuye

Sjava, Mzukulu and Inkos’yamagcokama croon “Akabuye,” a joint jam that streams off Sjava’s recently released “Isibuko” album. That project had fans fevered with expectations when the songster shared the cover art and let them know what was coming.

Anyway, the wait ended soon enough, and many South Africans ended up with a burp. One of the numbers that actually contributed to that is “Akabuye,” So you should make it a point to check it out and experience its power for yourself.

Wouldn’t you rather start the process right away? Tap the play button and let the music begin. No qualms.

Sjava, Mzukulu & Inkos’yamagcokama – Akabuye

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