SjavasDaDeejay – My Love for Music Vol. 1 Album

SjavasDaDeejay Debuts with 'My Love for Music Vol. 1': A New Chapter in Amapiano

A Fresh Sonic Journey: SjavasDaDeejay’s Passion Project Hits the Airwaves

In an exciting development for Amapiano enthusiasts and music lovers alike, SjavasDaDeejay has officially released his much-anticipated album, “My Love for Music Vol. 1,” today. This debut album marks a significant milestone in SjavasDaDeejay’s career, encapsulating his deep-rooted passion for music and his dedication to the Amapiano genre.

“My Love for Music Vol. 1” emerges as a vibrant testament to SjavasDaDeejay’s innovative spirit and his ability to weave intricate rhythms and melodies into a cohesive auditory experience. The album is a collection of tracks that showcases not only his technical prowess but also his emotional depth and storytelling capabilities through music.

The album’s release has generated considerable buzz within the music community, with fans expressing their excitement and support for SjavasDaDeejay’s latest project. It stands as a celebration of his journey in the music industry, highlighting his growth as an artist and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the Amapiano sound.

Each track on “My Love for Music Vol. 1” offers listeners a unique blend of beats and harmonies, demonstrating SjavasDaDeejay’s versatility and his knack for creating infectious rhythms that resonate with a wide audience. From upbeat dance numbers to more soulful compositions, the album is a dynamic exploration of the rich landscapes of Amapiano music.

As “My Love for Music Vol. 1” makes its way into the hearts and playlists of fans around the globe, it cements SjavasDaDeejay’s position as a formidable force in the music scene. His debut album is not only a personal achievement but also a contribution to the ever-evolving world of Amapiano, offering fresh perspectives and sounds to the genre’s growing repertoire.

With the release of “My Love for Music Vol. 1,” SjavasDaDeejay invites listeners to embark on a musical journey that is both reflective and forward-looking. As the album resonates across various platforms, it promises to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, inspiring both current and future generations of artists and music lovers alike.

My Love for Music Vol. 1 Album


# Title Artists Duration
1 Ku nini (feat. Dutch) SjavasDaDeejay, Al xapo, Snenaah 7:01
2 Falling For You SjavasDaDeejay, Boontle Rsa, Titom 6:54
3 Weh Mama (feat. Dutch) SjavasDaDeejay, Al xapo, Snenaah 7:43
4 You Are The One (feat. Senzo Africa, Yedda & Zwayetoven) SjavasDaDeejay, Major League Djz, Senjay 6:53
5 Thando Lwakho (feat. Toby Franco) SjavasDaDeejay, Titom, Leandra Vert 7:04
6 Sthandwa (feat. K-Zaka, Makhekhe Junior, Rufaro Rcrds & Thulani Way) SjavasDaDeejay, Yumbs, Titom 6:06
7 Welele (feat. Tman Xpress) SjavasDaDeejay, Titom, Toby Franco 6:50
8 Umsebenzi (feat. Cowboii & Scotts Maphuma) SjavasDaDeejay, Mellow & Sleazy, Soul Revolver 7:01
9 Presser Mgani (feat. TitoM & Tman Xpress) SjavasDaDeejay, Xduppy, Mellow & Sleazy 6:27
10 Askies I’m Sorry (feat. Kabelo Sings & TitoM) SjavasDaDeejay, LastBornDiroba, Shaun Musiq & Ftears 7:48
11 Emcimbini (feat. Cowboii, LeeMcKrazy, Mellow & Sleazy & Scotts Maphuma) SjavasDaDeejay, Ceeka RSA, Nandipha808 6:26
12 Sgiji SjavasDaDeejay, Mellow& Sleazy, Yumbs 7:01
13 Power Bass (feat. Xduppy) SjavasDaDeejay, Mellow & Sleazy, Titom 6:35
14 Ithuba (feat. Kabelo Sings, Shaun Musiq & Ftears) SjavasDaDeejay, Xduppy, Titom 6:37
15 Zya Jika (feat. Boontle Rsa & Keynote) SjavasDaDeejay, Felo Le Tee, Mellow & Sleazy 6:35
16 Sgidongo SjavasDaDeejay, Vyno Keys 6:34


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