Sje Konka releases “100k Followers Appreciation EP”

Sje Konka gifts his fans a brand new project titled “100k Followers Appreciation EP” just to say thank you.

Notice how appreciative Mzansi Disc Jockeys are for all the support they get from their fans? We have seen them drop quite a number of mixes, songs, and projects just to thank them.

This time, Sje Konka hits the airwaves with a brand new offering. He calls it “100k Followers Appreciation EP”. Of course, you know what that means. With his followers increasing across social media, it’s only fair he does this to show how grateful he is. The fans are definitely going to love it.

Sje has been putting in so much work this year. We have seen him make a number entries including collaborative mixes with Freddy K, “Twin Plug (Original Mix)” and a long list of several other entries. Stream and download the new EP to listen. Also, let us know what you think.

Sje Konka – 100k Followers Appreciation EP Tracklist

  1. Sje Konka – Sugar (Konka Mix)
  2. Sje Konka – Touch Down
  3. Sje Konka – 710 (Konka Mix)

  4. Sje Konka – Rockets

  5. Sje Konka – Tribute to TK (Shapa Munne Mix)

  6. Sje Konka – Birth Mark

  7. Sje Konka – Yourstrully (Konka Mix)

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music

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