Sjijo Majikijo, Oskido & Toss – Umthetho Ft. DJ Riley

Sjijo Majikijo, Oskido and Toss band  together for a song titled “Umthetho.” It has DJ Riley as the sole guest. Okay, that’s a local gathering of champs, mate.

The localization of their stars notwithstanding, they actually have the power to snap the attention of an international audience. At least, you can’t say peeps out the border won’t love what the quartet has put together.

Of all the musicians on this song, Oskido is the oldest and a veteran. The Kwaito ace might not be as prolific as he was in his younger years, but he remains a respected force. In addition, he’s delved into the work of entrepreneurship and now runs an Airbnb and a Japanese restaurant, among other ventures.

You’re hungry now, aren’t you? Sorry, we aren’t offering you sushi, sashimi, or other famous Japanese delicacies. e are here for the music. Just listen to “Umthetho” and you will be full. Lol.

Sjijo Majikijo, Oskido & Toss – Umthetho Ft. DJ Riley

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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