Skales Drops Badman Love (Remix) Ft. Tekno

Nigeria musician Skale has just released the remix of his song “Badman Love” in collaboration with compatriot Tekno.

The original track “Badman Love” premiered back in June this year to a robust reception by fans. The remix would follow months later. Of the two, we readily confess a greater connection with the remix.

There’s a fine story behind “Badman Love (Remix).” Apparently was a fan of the original track and played every opportunity he had. Someone had recorded teko vibing with the song and shared it with Skales.

A delighted Skales had asked if he would join him on the remix of the song.Tekno agreed. The result is the song in review – a number you’ll most likely vibe with all week, especially in the company of a lover.

The song should speak to the soul of just about anyone who thinks love means anything. “Badman Love (Remix)” drops amidst plans to release “Body,” Country Wizzy’s song on which Skales featured. The song is part of “The Father” album, Country Wizzy’s imminent debut on Konde Music Worldwide.

How would you rate “Badman Love (Remix),” though? You may want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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