Sky Deep SA and DJ THE MXO recently unveiled a brand new Amapiano music offering, titled “SGIJA WISE”. A vibrant mix of melodious tunes, the record was created under the umbrella of iLox Records.

The six-track album showcases the innovative artistic prowess of South African talent. The unique infusion of rhythmic beats and captivating lyrics presents a fresh take on the Amapiano genre, truly redefining the musical landscape.

The album opens with “Kalahari Desert”, a piece that hooks the listener with its compelling tune and goes on to its second track, “Harvard Way”. In this track, the duo collaborates with Black O Music, improvising the beat to create an exceptional multidimensional rhythm.

“Feedback2”, “Exefede”, “Syangena”, and “3step” follow suit, each track outdoing the previous – creating a synergic melody, thereby confirming that Sky Deep SA and DJ THE MXO’s partnership has indeed bore fruit.

The dynamic duo has already witnessed an overwhelmingly positive response across online platforms, proving the record’s appeal among Amapiano fanatics globally. An amalgamation of distinct beats and novel tunes, “SGIJA WISE” has truly etched a mark in the world of music.

While the record has been launched recently, the global fanfare suggests that this is only the beginning of a successful journey for Sky Deep SA and DJ THE MXO. The “SGIJA WISE” album marks a landmark contribution to the ever-evolving world of Amapiano music.


Artist: Sky Deep SA & DJ THE MXO
Genre: Amapiano
Release Date: April 17, 2024
Track Count: 6
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 iLox Records


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Kalahari Desert Sky Deep SA & DJ THE MXO 8:17 Released
2 Harvard Way Sky Deep SA, DJ THE MXO & Black O Music 8:01 Released
3 Feedback2 Sky Deep SA & DJ THE MXO 7:34 Released
4 Exefede Sky Deep SA & DJ THE MXO 7:08 Released
5 Syangena Sky Deep SA & DJ THE MXO 6:42 Released
6 3step Sky Deep SA & DJ THE MXO 5:55 Released


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