Slade – My Turn EP

Not long ago, Slade announced the imminent release of a project titled “My Turn EP.” Now the songster has finally released it, provoking nods of approbation from his fans.

Fans didn’t have to wait long. And even the wait was worth it. The songster returns with a title that will most likely remind the political conscious of one rapacious dodderer in Nigeria. But that’s by the way.

“My Turn” is a seven-track piano project that begins with “Sawubona” and ends with “Sa Batho.” Slade worked with the likes of Sir Trill, Raspy, Tycoon, Chley, Native Deep, Optimist Music ZA, Senjay, and Yumbs, among others.

For a compilation of seven tracks, one expects the lead singer to hold forth in at least one song. But, for whatever reason, the songster was happy to have guests in all the songs.

Anyway. You’re welcome to vibe with the song for all it’s worth. Let the music begin if you please.

Slade – My Turn EP


  1. Slade – Sawubona (feat. Sir Trill, Raspy, Tycoon & Yumbs)
  2. Slade – Amasheleni (feat. Chley & Native Deep)
  3. Slade – Wamuhle (feat. Sino Msolo, Tweezy & Yumbs)
  4. Slade & Sir Trill – Late (feat. Tycoon & Yumbs)
  5. Slade – Lento (feat. Optimist Music ZA & Senjay)
  6. Slade – Bayede (feat. Chley & Native Deep)
  7. Slade – Sa Batho (feat. J Slayz & TheBoyTapes)

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