Sleezy Luciano Releases New Project “Note To Self: Nothing Was Overnight”

As an artist, even during a pandemic, you have to continually focus on the journey of achieving your dream. Rapper Sleezy Luciano shows us this on his newly released project titled Note To Self: Nothing Was Overnight.

On this 11 Tracks Project, Sleezy Luciano treats his fans to a special that will not only see them through this pandemic but which they will listen to forever. South Africa has seen over 60 Days of the nationwide lockdown and it has affected every artist, performer, and the entire entertainment industry.

It is no secret that South African Hip Hop has taken a huge hit. It is times like these that artist need to go back to the drawing board. Sleezy Luciano has come up with an innovative way of staying relevant while still being able to interact with his fans.  Sleezy Luciano says, “I am still chasing my dream during lockdown because nothing was overnight, and it is times like these that we need to put effort into the things that truly matter to us”

Note To Self: Nothing Was Overnight is an amazing piece of art and can be listened to by everyone across all genres.

Nothing Was Overnight is available for streaming and download on all digital platforms:

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