!Sooks – Eva Ft. Dwson

From afar, fire is just what it is – fire – with zero prospects of harming anyone. Come close and you run a risk. You sure as hell wouldn’t mind running the “risk” of seeing boredom burned from your life as you vibe with !Sooks’ “Eva” tune, featuring Dwson.

For one who hasn’t popped on our orbit previously, !Sooks has got a dance winner here. Yup. “Eva” is a song for all – although it might appear on the surface to have been created for the ladies out there.

Elements of dance electronic music fuse together to give the listener a work of understated charm – a work that will delight many out there, whatever their musical tastes.

One can’t tell how Dwson was selected as the sole gust of the song. But then the choice of the songster is just great. Both artistes blended seamlessly, creating a number that will remain appealing longish months after release.

“Eva” sounds so like a jam many will be vibing with this weekend and beyond, and oh, we have already adopted it for our playlist. You only have to listen to the song to see the reason for our “infatuation” (wrong word alert!). Still, it’s “Eva” time.

!Sooks – Eva Ft. Dwson

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