Souloho & Kelvin Momo – Vocals Ft. Thato

Souloho and Kelvin Momo meld “Vocals” with their pal and fellow South Africa Thato and the result is magical.

Noted as one of the most consistent amapiano producers out there, Kelvin Momo continues his magical run, taking his listener into a world of good vibes.

On the other hand, Souloho brings great, soulful energy to his songs, including, of course, the one in review. Paired with Kelvin Momo and Thato, the result is a song that will stay in your consciousness and for a long time, too.

“Vocals” might ring amapiano, but we doubt the song will have serious trouble snapping the attention of music lovers generally. If you happen to love good music, then chances are high you will love what these musicians have composed.

It might not be the finest we have heard from them so far, but it is a song worth hearing all the same. So go ahead and sate your musical thirst.

What do you think of Souloho and Kelvin Momo’s “Vocals” featuring Thato and how would you rate it on a scale of zero to ten? You’re welcome to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Souloho & Kelvin Momo – Vocals Ft. Thato

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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