Sparks Bantwana – The Return Of Sparks Bantwana Album

Popular Mzansi hitmaker, Sparks Bantwana has just delivered a brand new album titled “The Return Of Sparks Bantwana” to the airwaves.

In case you’ve been wondering when Sparks Bantwana would make another appearance in the airwaves, he just did. The talented muso has just delivered a new album and it bangs.

He previously gave fans reasons to smile when he dropped the song “Ngihamba Nawe” with Professor and Scelo Gowane. Back in 2019, Sparks also released the album “Pope Of Dance”. It features several dance jams and was well received by the fans. He’s back now with another solid album.

This one is titled “The Return Of Sparks Bantwana”. It features a total of 13 tracks with contributions from Tonic Jazz, Nge, DJ Arabic, Stilo Magolide, TDK Macassette, Madanon, Character, Scelo Gowane, and more. The album has also been well received by the fans. Check it out below to listen to it.

Sparks Bantwana – The Return Of Sparks Bantwana Alum Tracklist

  1. Sparks Bantwana – Ngake Ngaba NeMali (feat. Tonic Jazz)
  2. Sparks Bantwana – Umdali (feat. Nge & DJ Arabic)
  3. Sparks Bantwana – AmaRounds (feat. TDK Macassette, Stilo Magolide & BitterSoul)
  4. Sparks Bantwana – Qoqoqo (feat. uJeje Yibhoza)
  5. Sparks Bantwana – Uyifakeni Lento (feat. Madanon, Character & Newlandz Finest)
  6. Sparks Bantwana – 4Step Jimbo (feat. Akiid & AdoNyol)
  7. Sparks Bantwana – NgiHamba Nawe Remake (feat. Professor & Scelo Gowane)
  8. Sparks Bantwana – Siyaphabaza (feat. Akiid & Mtebza)
  9. Sparks Bantwana – Bayekeni (feat. Dust)
  10. Sparks Bantwana – Maw’Bhemile Khoninte Khalayo
  11. Sparks Bantwana – Walala LiyaBhoma
  12. Sparks Bantwana – Sukendleleni (feat. Scelo Gowane)
  13. Sparks Bantwana – Sthandwa Sami (feat. Potoko Visuals)
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