Spirit Of Praise Drops O Wahalalela

Gospel group is in the spirit as it croons “O Wahalalela,” a song that acknowledges God’s holiness and power.

is one of the notable gospel groups in South and one we recommend you check out if you are interested in anything gospel irrespective of origin. The group’s “O Wahalalela” song can bring you the listener in a place of fierce spiritual consciousness and what God can do in the lives of those who earnestly seek him.

has been active for years, winning in songs. Since it popped on the music scene, the group has released several notable numbers – not surprising given that the group is actually home to several notable gospel musicians from South Africa.

For those not conversant with the group and its, “O Wahalalela” might serve as a fine introduction. The song ought to be on the playlist of anyone who values the message of Christ’s salvation and anyone interested in gospel music generally.

Well, how would you rate Spirit Of Praise’s “O Wahalalela” song on a scale of zero to ten? We invite you to stream the song below anad join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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