Spoegwolf Drops Groen EP | Listen

Spoegwolf is out to devour your boredom with a new body of work. Wouldn’t you rather let the group? You only have to immerse yourself in his new extended play, “Groen.”

“Groen” is an alternative rock compilation laden with symbolism. The cover art shows a wounded wolf looking for succour from a princess in a landscape that is at once detached and surreal.

Released on 14 February 2021, it is surprising this album does not exactly tote love themes. The themes are dark in parts, with guitar and piano synths that make for an engaged session. In all the compilation might be described as a triunph of instrumentals.

Spoegwolf may not have taken the love path in the day of love, the group yet weaved a fine musical tapestry that will engage many out there. You can’t possibly fall by the lance of boredom listening to his EP.  You gotaa embrace the EP.

How would you rate “Groen” on a scale of zero to ten, though?  Do you find yourself rocking this alternative rock compilation beyond this week? Why or why not? You’re welcome to stream the body of work below and join the compilation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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