Spoek Mathambo – Tales From The Lost Cities Album

Spoek Mathambo releases "Tales From The Lost Cities" Album

Spoek Mathambo brings “Tales Of The Lost Cities” to whomever would care to listen with his newly released album.

If you’re wondering about what new creative thing Spoek Mathambo has done this time, wonder no more, all you need do is listen to this new project and have your mind blown.

Known to be a Hip-hop artiste, a songwriter, a producer and also a filmmaker, Spoek Mathambo has not only introduced himself to all of Mzansi and Africa, he has also made himself comfortable.

A true creative, the rapper has delivered three highly acclaimed solo albums. His work on this brand new one is very much laudable, and it has been termed his most Hip-hop album. You have to hear it to know why.

The album features talented names including DJ Raiko, Batuk, Spizzy and more, see full tracklist below:


Title Artist Time
1 Umhlaba Wethu Spoek Mathambo 2:59
2 Kroonocyde (Gini Index) Spoek Mathambo 2:47
3 eGoli (The Jackers Theme) Spoek Mathambo 3:39
4 Bumaye Spoek Mathambo 4:04
5 The Greedy Always Want More Spoek Mathambo 2:49
6 Walk with Me (feat. c) Spoek Mathambo 5:52
7 Anatomy of a Campus Rape Riot Spoek Mathambo 4:28
8 Chop My Money Spoek Mathambo 3:12
9 Jimmy Comes to Jozi (feat. Spi Spoek Mathambo 2:39
10 Slay Queen (feat. Spizzy) Spoek Mathambo 4:31
11 Keeping Score Spoek Mathambo 1:35
12 When the Party Parties Too Har Spoek Mathambo 4:39
13 Somandla (feat. Spizzy) Spoek Mathambo 3:25
14 Kings & Queens (feat. Mark Mus Spoek Mathambo 4:16

Elements of both African and International music are used on the album so you can taste the best of both worlds. You really should hear this. It comes in two different versions, the original and instrumentals. Sample both albums below:

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