Stixx – Ndaba Zami ft. Kelvin Momo, Baby S.O.N, Mathandos

A Fusion of Talent and Melody

South African music sensation Stixx has released a new hit single ‘Ndaba Zami’, featuring Kelvin Momo, Baby S.O.N, and Mathandos. This track, part of his latest album ‘Test of Time’, showcases Stixx’s unique approach to Amapiano, a genre rapidly gaining popularity. ‘Ndaba Zami’, the fifth song of the fifteen-track album, stands out with its entrancing melodies and intricate production.

Collaborating with renowned artists like Kelvin Momo, Baby S.O.N, and Mathandos, Stixx brings a fresh perspective to the Amapiano scene. Each artist adds their unique flair to the song, creating a rich, multi-layered auditory experience. The production, a collective effort by Stixx, Kelvin Momo, Mathandos, and Zwayetoven, highlights their exceptional skill, making ‘Ndaba Zami’ a remarkable addition to the genre.

This release is more than just a song; it’s an artistic expression that represents the evolving nature of Amapiano and South African music as a whole. ‘Ndaba Zami’ is a testament to Stixx’s versatility and his ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience. Fans of Amapiano and new listeners alike are invited to experience the captivating world that Stixx and his collaborators have created with this latest release.

Ndaba Zami

Stixx - Ndaba Zami (Visualizer) ft. Kelvin Momo, Baby S.O.N, Mathandos

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