Stogie T – Freestyle Friday Ft. Abstrakt, Jaylon, Official, Ian Kamau, Stilo Magolide

Stogie T drops Freestyle Friday Ft. Abstrakt, Jaylon, Official, Ian Kamau, Stilo Magolide

Stogie T drops new “Freestyle Friday” featuring Abstrakt, Jaylon, Official, Ian Kamau, and Stilo Magolide.

Mzansi rapper Stogie T, who was recently dubbed the King of Freestyles in South Africa is at it again. He’s doing exactly what we know him for, dropping new freestyles. It is obvious that he’s changing style this time around and recruiting more assistance than before.

It has certainly been a great year for the SA Hip-hop star who continues to grab all the attention everytime he drops spontaneous bars for his fans to enjoy. After just recruiting a couple of rappers including Nigeria’s M.I to join him on his previous session, he’s out with a new crew.

This time around, he rides with Abstrakt, Jaylon, Official, Ian Kamau, and Stilo Magolide. Just as expected, each rapper is on top of his game on this one, and there’s a battle of bars with everyone accounted for in the end. This here is game changing.


Competition is far behind me/
No telescope, But I can see the stars aligning/
Stogie sent a beat and I sent him an autopsy/
Here’s a little story of Ab catching a body /
With the corner of my eye/ I see the sun rise/ in the horizon/
[i’m] Minding my own shit, if you listen close, you prolly hear me rap to an ambulance siren/
Don’t test my patience
I’m no human
I see elephants in the room they claimed was for improvement.
Crickets louden when they Brag in they music
Amusing, I’m using, syllables and metaphors the flow is cruise ship uh
You no goat you a pudu
I’m a wolve the Alpha,bet! you ain’t getting nothing but an L in the booth
I hop in it like a trampoline is stuck on my boots
Word to Grav
Don’t try to play us
Got hemophilic niggas who would die to get a pay cut
Would you believe me?
If I told you I wrote this verse inside of a meeting
They thought I’m takin notes but it’s a rhyme I just deleted
I try to keep my mindset at ease
So I roll a bhuda up just so I channel my chi
But factually, I’m actually a fucking Dragon at peace
So at least, think twice before you dance with a beast
Coz I’m, two steps ahead of your two steps
My mind shifts, I know exactly what you gon do next
Told you I was the coolest
It’s so ironic how I prey on you barracudas
And still manage to cover more distance with lesser movement
There’s less amusement at how you do it
You drop your music, I could tell that you lack improvement Huh
It’s not my cup of tea though
Just so you know I prefer me some cappuccino
So I’m never sleeping, oh yeah I’m working to cop the zeros, I mean Euros
But till then dawg, sleep is for the wicked
A myopic artist that can see beyond his vision
Show your peak and I will reach it I ain’t specific with the regions
I’m an abstract demon, a hero, misleading the heathens in a black man’s sequel, equals,
An algorithm of this eminent specie that has a cadence that could bring permanent death to a Phoenix… I’m Ghost

Ian Kamau

Dear beloved unknown
I’m awake in the dark
Still this hate in my heart
That I’ve been breaking a part
So I don’t know
If growing old is growing up
Sober but I’m still on this roller coaster
Showing up
With both palms open
And two feet in the fire
Chest short of breath
And a heart bleeding desire
I choose, to be crying the blues
While I’m trying to prove
That I wasn’t confused
Those who know were amused
But I was broke and abused
I was broken and bruised
I was closed to the truth
You were open to use
Everything that I had
But all I had was my dad
All I had was my ma
Went to war with the pad
I went mad with the pen
Virgil quote like a tag
Follow fashion those “friends”
Who would pass like a fad … At least that’s how I felt
Winder in the city
Like a heart I couldn’t melt
A pity that nothing could help
All of the cards I was delt
When some days went to waste
I would just tighten my belt
In fact trimmed fat
To keep my mind intact
And my spine still straight
Like a line in black
But my father’s getting older now
Stuck inside a rut
I can’t hold him up
But open a cut
An that’s the same blood
In my vein
He and I we are one and the same
Both running away
From those who toss
Interlocking words
Who too often are talking
Like mocking birds
They’ll laugh as we walk in the court
Already popping a cork
Like our life is a sport
And I’m not trying to be rude
But on their tongue there’s a fork
And I’m not talking bout food
But all the flesh they abort
Are the lives we could live
With a little support
And the cushion of time
Like a child builds a fort
So I’ve been grinding my teeth
And I’ve been trying to breathe
‘cause I was dying for love
While I was fighting for peace
And everything I believe
No longer watching the throne
Appeased my lust to achieve
Dearest beloved unknown (Ian Kamau 2020)

Stilo Magolide

I got cold flows like eskimos,
and u got u got more Ls than Mexico,
everybody knows my buttons but don’t nobody press em though
I’m a doctor with a coat hanger and nigga u the embryo,

can’t even hit the gym I’m exercising patience,
man the whole world on lockdown that’s the situation,
niggas worried bout mutations and incubation, niggas losing occupations can’t buy mediations, girl I love it when your legs practice segregation, sorry that’s a thought for a different occasion,I been blazing high grade is my education, so sometimes I go off topic like a wig replacement,

Zimbabwe errbody in my country gotta hustle degree, we hustle to breathe it’s the only way we see to survive in the streets, they smell trouble on me, must be all be all the havoc we about to wreak, u could train 14 days u still too weak,
u might have to go climb mount Olympus in Greece,
get a couple punchlines from Apollo’s creed,
nigga we not playing no more, we just slaying them all, lay em all the floor, nigga say no more, u want mercy go smear blood on your studio door, and I hope u have hope cause no one praying no more.


It’s clear to see that you doubted the movement, this game full of lames they not crowning the cool kids, I wrote this in a dream so the bars is lucid,this all a dream but only god can prove it,they gather for my music, you’d think I was speaking out from a pulpit,I’ll pen you a vision but I ain’t preaching though, watch for demons though,and I ain’t talking no spooky shit with a devil there’s humans that want to eat your soul, I feel like Kanye and Cudi the way I’m seeing ghost,I’m tired of being broke,see as an artist I know I’ll be at the top but before I make it you’ll see my lows,nothing to hide at my darkest times I even glow, from the east to the west I’m the best either coast, I’ma be a goat I’m just heating up like a pizza roll,I know the odds they’ll be even though, one thing you need to know, I play for keeps and I’m keeping score,and niggas know they’ll pay the fee as for as features go, send the fees over, and who competing with mus I’m like someone who was born blind I’ve seen no one, the beam focused a stomach shot will knock your spleen open

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