Stogie T – Freestyle Friday Ft. Kwesta, Nveigh, Ason, Pdoto, M.I Abaga

Stogie T drops "Freestyle Friday" Ft. Kwesta, Nveigh, Ason, Pdoto, M.I Abaga

Stogie T delivers new “Freestyle Friday” featuring Kwesta, Nveigh, Ason, PdotO and M.I Abaga.

If anyone deserves a lot of praise for how he can turn a beat into a full song in minutes without written lyrics, it is Mzansi rapper, Stogie T. The talent rapper is particularly great at this and has gotten a nod from Sway Colloway.

It has become a norm for him that every friday, he delivers a dope freestyle just for his fans to enjoy. We have also seen him feature a few rappers on the show, and it has still been a success. This time around he does things a bit different by riding with quite a number of Hip-hop stars.

His recent Freestyle Friday features Kwesta, Nveigh, Ason, PdotO, and popular Nigeria Hip-hop icon, M.I Abaga. This is practically the craziest Freestyle Friday we have seen yet. Every emcee comes packing, and it is almost a bar-heavy party. You should check it out.


Stogie T

Let’s do the dance like Usher
You Pootie Tang’s buckle
I am Wu Tang nutting to fuck with
Brute strength, Bruce Banner
Braun over muscle
Born of the hustle Loose canon
Blowing the muzzle
Like how them Lady day southern fruits hang
The noose strangle my uncle
From booze cans that he suckle
The who, where and the what part of the struggle
The heirlooms and cards dealt us was unshuffled
New scandal, news camera vans out for
Anybody who stumbles revenge of the sock puppets
jungle boogie, Kool and the Gang trumpets
Crab buckets armed youngins, Drug addicts
Blow villages in the DRC with rockets
Company man take minerals to Nantucket
We rambunctious, we crafty, ran numbers
We ashy, we dusty whatever shine lust it
When you get burnt by soup, you fan custard
That’s word to my O.Gs Malian butler
Sabre open bubbly with a cutlass
It’s lonely up there he comfy in the comforts
Carrara white marble, elevator car lift
Crystal chandeliers all above him
Dreams limitless infinity pools
Home theatre cinema rooms
And the six car garages
Supercharge whips on call Swedish massages
Payback for manmade Induced famines
The boats sailed Africa’s ground zero
Rope chains for slaves American Apparel
Dolce the frames to see a little clearer
No pain’s in vain
Pebbles support a barrel
Thats game nigga from the dark you either Bruce Wayne or Bane nigga
Rich stuff in the pound cake nigga
Cake, cake, cake , nah wait
Drake, Jay, Face, Andre Tre
Frank White, Nasir and Lamar K
And Prokid, bury me in the same grave
Pain and jail
Lay offs, hatred, fails
The brave gon’ cake up still
The pampered are raised off paper, braille
default nature, frail
We want cake but we privilege legacy
Family over everything live like the Medellins
Married to poverty stand on ceremony
Neocolonial alchemy minus the wedding ring
Let freedom ring
Never too green for dollar bills
As a kid I couldn’t climb Banana trees
But I could detach Russian banana clips
From the AK47 my momma hid
Every rooster crows on its own dunghill
I am done here
You close but no Dunhill
Oil price swings
Private equity deals go bust quick
Blame Covid19
I am still here cold as I been
Kobe Bryant Bean
Mamba blood stream


I don’t really give a shit how many words you make rhyme
I’m busy pyramid building, what’s a wave to the Nile
You know I’m humble as shit, that’s how I’m serving your pies
The horse power on the whip.. Durban July
I’m having drinks where if you burp it’s a fine
Ng’fake swag eDustini, that’s dirt by design
I said hello to your b*tch and never heard a goodbye
Tell your niggaz don’t trip, I’m uber hearse-ing the guys
But let me tell you how to stop me, wait
first thing, you gotta accept my godly state
Say I’m dropping the hardly wait
Don’t act like you ain’t touched, I’m Harvey, jesu
Weinstein, I mean, if you don’t take care of the leaks, you gon’ sink I fuck around and give her real pipe dreams
Baksteen, at the back of your head for ioutti benithi incole kanje… I’m kak tlean
But I don’t want nobody looking up to me
Shit, I’d have nobody looking if it was up to me
But kids will be kings and kings will be gods or dumb fucks with no heart, dry blood on my cutlery
I don’t fight a lot, when I do it’s a question of whether I die or not
So if we beef, ntwana, go forth and write the song
I Mayweather my defense oh fuck, writer’s block
It’s not a game nor a movie
Its hardcore dope, cocaine for your Zoocie
The drip cause storms and the wave is Fela Kuti
A sick ensemble, pain for your Gucci
Kubi, kukhala ifleit, kuvuke umjita
Swift, get dough, that pastry ubhuti udlile
Still ain’t fold, poker face, you don’t move me
Shitty aim, the game caught strays from a full clip
Hey Tom, I pray you pray
It’s a jungle, big cats don’t play with prey
When we’re face to face, you’ll purr while I purge, hope you can back up all the words that they made you say
On songs yet still I’m calm and
collected, found my way, screw your garmin
God, he’s nonchalant
So you can’t just sleep on the boy, sound wave’s too alarming
Outta this bitch…


pop a deuce pop a deuce deuce
dudes see me and they run shit i think im kinda Similar to Jub Jub
these cats on that skrr skrrr?
shit fuck it, ya get Psycho Les everytime the beatnuts like Juju
excuse the pun
but if the knife doesnt work, shit i use the Gun,
i do this son i dont care that u coo coo, fuck with me then u see my niggas draw and i don’t
mean the scoreline is two two (2-2)
u dudes too stupid to think that nigga had me
only took a shot cause he know where the liquor at be
i be in the cut, for sending that nigga at me… i’m Trey Songs with bad bitches, trigga happy
niggas dap me but for the right reason
i had to get em for the right Season, i think i’m undefeated boy if see the Tommy that i Got
it can Ghost a nigga better than Eagan
believe me’
uh my nigga there’s none realer than
a nigga to body that phat shit again, u should be happy to build what fans feel again, instead
of asking me how u feel? (phil) like aunt vivian
they forGot that a nigga is mad militant
they happy to bring up my past shit again, but where they at? help me find these venues
i’m fresh dog like i’m on the chinese menu
fuck these fake dudes they force shit, ya niggas can talk shit until u see these 5’3’s end u
i figured that niggas hate me
but what’s a bit of hate to a nigga that isnt fake be
niggas here are bitchin they trippin about the Paistry, my niggas in the kitchen they whipin
that Nina Hastie
drug dealing of of all sorts… nigga i told u, i could expose u
u not a true soldier for bread
we clap arms nigga we dont do quota for led
i mean u niggas think u hot because u got a fever? ok i see that flew (flu) over your head
u know i been nice… made guap without majors
that paper nigga without favours
u think u outrageous speaking about guns? oh u forgot that we bang more ratchets than
Sean Pages???
(nigga i’m dangerous…….chips)


Gotta get my mine no time for chances.
All damage.
Target practice.
When I handle.
These raps.
Your idols.
They Cold. candles.
It’s underwhelming.
They shook bout me.
they won’t tell you.
Aware of my talent they wanted me sleeping and passive.
Barely a challenge. I’m better than niggas you have champion.
too cocky but who gon stop me?
It’s me and god.
told me go bestie.
I’m feeling godly…
Let’s see the topic.
About who got it?
And who’s deciding?
I ain’t been mentioned these niggas tripping.
Your idols wiling.
Gate keepers.
Turn ass kisses.
Who qualified em.
call em hyena.
They get a mic.
They rap is garbage.
Sway don’t make you hyena.
The way that Praying don’t turn you to Jesus.
I’m patriotic. I love my Madibas.
i need the racks. Like addiction to cleavage… Niggas claim goat when it just them in the room.
Or with some yes men that’s probably part of crew.
Put me that room I turn ya goat into stew.
You know that Life gave me lemons I came back with the juice.
Hot on the map.
Because I rap like this.
Said it’s a wrap because I rap like this.
Like who can rap like?
Them boys can’t hang.
They all stalagmite.
I close eyes.
I see my vision.
Right through my
Fourth eye.
Like where it is?
You looking at
Inevitable thanos.
I don’t got manners.
I take you plate and put my foot on the table.
Need more than them if ima sign to a label.
She came in horny. Pussy leave with a halo.
They call you brother so they closer to hate you.
I’m bag in my bag.
I’m not new wave.
Most them niggas trash.
Co-sign. LEAUX never needed that.
I fought for this shit u can ask my Dad.
2020 mad trill.
I’m chosen I know it.
Man I’m forever here.

Pdot O

am Jesus Christ
No blasphemy plug the Christmas Lights?
I Bleed On Mics
You Hype Im a Beast
Im Ice.
Heart Froze
If you hating nigga Eat These nuts”
I Puff pass let the Blunt Speak”
Kush” and rhymes
Quite Storm Mobb Deep.
We Mobb Deep in 96…
So Hungry..
Retard he
so Dummy
We Spark we Go Gully..
Til we park the Royce properly.

Back in shape
Im Ali goin to Africa.
steve irwin eyeing My beast before i tackle her
Thought Provoking.
But keep it passionate.
I Pack a punch phatter than Big Pun with a pack of Lunch.

Make no mistake this is rap
Quarantine couples
Hop3 u got someone to stay with.
The Best No question.
Wordplay doing Gymnastics
Virgin Active.
Charles Branson’ ima savage
Charles Manson maybe Jackson with the Pen Bitch.
Make em Clap the way i SpringSteen..
Oops i mean Spring String.
Yellow Fly BeaSting (Bee sting)
I beat the Beat up
Tyson the right (write)Swing.
Flow = tornado’
Turtle Shell Call April”
Terminate the opposition
Im hotter than Turks and Caicos
Food for thought
Ofcause i quote
Emotions hotter than most nobody close to you
Yal niggaz sleep too much =
Bill Cosby
Oops I mean promethazine in the cup well ofcourse b
Keep it Christian still im Tim teebo
We never drop the ball
ur team seem slow.
Matter fact ur team
Seem broke
My team dope
Heroine needle after I sniff Coke

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