Stogie T – Freestyle Friday Ft. Ma-E, Zulu Mecca, Prince, Casey JaNissa, Haiiiku, Dee Xclsv, Raheem Kemet, M2KaNE, Dirty Mind Trixx, A.L

Stogie T’s freestyle session tagged #FreestyleFriday is back and this week’s session features topnotch MCs.

The session Features MCs like Ma-E, Zulu Mecca, Prince, Casey JaNissa, Haiiiku, Dee Xclsv, Raheem Kemet, M2KaNE and more drop rap bars to the same beat.

The freestyle session has featured a lot of topnotch MCs in the game and every week as seen new flames going off. The aim of the sessions is to restore the rap culture in SA and see to the increase of female rappers in the game, creating more awareness for them.

Taking to his Instagram page on Friday 1st of May 2020, he announced the MCs for the week.

#FreestyleFriday LINEUP @maezeedoesit @babyjanissa @iamblackway @zulumecca @deexclsv @haiiiku_mos @raheemkemet @prince_infinite_ @m2kan3 @dirtymindtrixx 🔥🔥🔥


Watch the MCs drop their bars below:

Stogie T, Ma-E, Zulu Mecca, Prince, Casey JaNissa, Haiiiku, Dee Xclsv, Raheem Kemet, M2KaNE

Dirty Mind Trixx


In other news, Stogie T recently clarified the notion that the “By Any Means” single belonged to Emtee. He revealed he wrote the song and needed a good rapper on it, which was why he ended up picking Emtee.


Stogie T

It’s counter productive
To count me out this kinda discussion
How you hungry and counting calories
When cowards is munching
You counting pennies we counting blessings
It amounts to something
Machiavellian Count of Monte Cristo strategizing
I am advertising the talent
You agonizing embarrassed
It’s fitting they on TicTick
How ironic the timing
Shitting yourself cuz this bomb
Comes down to your wiring
Visitors to this Hip Hop shit
Always wanna chime in
You know my legacy Shows in Tokyo honeys dying
From that legacy Where Tokyo crying, Chris Hani dying
Same legacy as Chris Wallace minus a Janusz Waluś
& Y’all ain’t got a leg on me, wouldn’t try it with a pirate
It’s what’s inside you not on you
These diamonds gems to hold on to
Keep aligned to your morals
The ride will feel like a calling
Shit, I remember Iverson had Jordan cornered
Honest sport reporters will call it, he got his cross in
One for the books, great play applaud the boys skill
But don’t overlook that MJ challenged that shot still
23 relentless, I never came off the bench
23 years in the trenches
Can tell it’s me from the stench
Can barely speak in my presence
But when they tweet it’s intense
I am learning to keep it pleasant
I say the greeting in French
Fuck them other dudes, we pummel you
Nigga What W?
You won a sperm race against a million other yous
You Do little, cockatoo
Parrot popular tunes
New Little Rich ‘Wop bop a loo’
Coon singing for clout and views
The bounty’s out on you
Django and Doctor Schultz
Survived a lot fools
On their high horse dismounting you
Now it’s Mountain View’s
From across shores in the altitudes
Take it back to Roots
With a Scott Storch, Live in Zurich
It’s gutter music civilized savages what a fusion
A graphic blueprint with a Nas flow slightly improve it
The raft the of Medusa Géricault depicting truth in
Your trap thing is cute
But there’s no prestige in the illusion


Freestyle Friday
Back at it again madzala libuyil’ ivandal/
Oneside ngalabo thalala labo bayizan’/
Bas’moshel’ iVibe lab’, baxosh’ aboNice lab’/
Wanna walk in my shoes bangaz’ ngiwuSize ban’/
It’s hightime, ng’babonis’ ez’bukwayo labo Thomas/
Angith’ nikholwa ngok’bona nina Ok right!/
As’mashe ke! 20 bars no chorus, coldest flow pholas/
Zajik’ izinto now is Skhanda World order/
The new world order, jump’ iborder uyaboda, L’bambe nali l’yoshon’/
Ngab’ iyozala nkomon’, yinkunz’ le naw’ uyabon’/
Beast mode uyang’thol’, nayi gozi basop/
Msab’ ungamaz’ Ma-E ng’yi ghost ng’yapok’/
Phush’ ikhahlamba lase sotra, ekas’ lamanyora/
Phans’ emnkonti lapho k’phuma khona/
Dr Khumalo 16 V, Thabo mooki tsikitsik’/
RIP Linda Mkhize, RIP mama Winnie/
Singay’ susa noma k’nini/
s’benzel’ film really ningas’ling’/
Angiwu bamb’ umshin’ lenyoni zifun’ is’ling’/


Aggressive Intelligence, Deadlier than a shark attack-
Sharp with the raps-
Grippin on beats like I’m having a Heart attack-
spitting scriptures for over 10 years this is art in fact –
With the pen intact, For the next 10 , I’ll be an Artifact –
8 FREEKWENCY Capo Hands dirtier than an Artisan –
mixtapes connect you to the core, embrace the starter pack –
Kasi rap for sure, Fak’ivernac, boombap and break your neck –
Back pack and sagg our pants, blow blunts, didizichecks-
Like what the heck-
Voetsek zonke phantsi ndakhuthuza ndphethi pen ne phepha-
Nd’bhodla namakhehla, ndazpetsha lomculu sezo khehla –
Sgudla sdigga sbila, syafreksa, bhekela ne exposure –
Sdudla shifta Hlika, ndiyatshisa, ndphuncula ne composure –
Chilling with my niggaz, badesh’i old brown nge coca cola –
Kill all new rappers,Shining old crowns coz their time is over –
Ne piano liyakokota, trap iyafokofa, nkunz’iyakhonkotha thinking they’re the shit, phola ndphethi nqola –
Lean on bars, no soda, then flip on em like old motorollas-
Rolling ngath’ syarolla, svezi uzzi ngathi snyusi collar –
Exe uyandthola –
Kanjan, still hood njenge all star-
Bath’uyaztsala, uyaspida vele nk’nqanqaz’i 3 star-
Code black, Get the kodak and visualize the picture –
Hold back, stop dancing on tracks watch and learn from a spitter-
Iphupha liny’indlel’ayfani sfunukwenzi meter-
Get on stage and share the pain, sbaniki themba through these speakers-
Nd’khahlela nd’khafula Nd’khuthuza no Beef ndyakhukhuza-
Iz’khulu ngez’khundla nokukhoboka khazi ndyakukhumbuza –
Bakhala bekhuza kukhutshuzwizkhali nekhanda lazula-
Iskhala sakhula baneskrokro neskhoko sadlula-
Ndkhule nge Freestyle kwatshintshi style ne profile yakhula-
Ne skarrel savuka, flow sicker than izinj’eznobhula-
Ndahlanganisa ndaqula. Ndizphambanisa ndizduba. Ndiznyakathis’ okwe sdudla. Bend’xhaxha ngok’ bayand’vuma-
Bathi radio iyadura-
Bayaztsala ndyanqumla, long overdue send’yanqumka, latsh’ixilongo ziyaduma-
Iinkenenkene ziyabhubha-
Vele k’fik’i 8narh emvakwe Freestyle s’yavungula –


Look What y’all doing trynna box with giant?
bitch you a foetus, none of you niggas got these kinda features
I Had to earn my stripes just so I can match with adidas
And Make your bish suck a dick and let her drown in the semen nigga
I observed what y’all do to get fans
If all fails you won’t see me going out like that
You follow trends hoping that’ll make the kids interact
I state facts, push buttons and just hope you react pussy!!!
Look I am not the one to play with
Morpheus and you are just a glitch in the matrix
If I ain’t in her pants then I’m on your bishes playlist nigga!
‘BIG poppa’, I’m well endowed as the alias
What’s a king to a killmonger?
I been with the shits!
Bringing the hits until I get some blood on my fists
But on my jeans, I couldn’t bare to live with the stench
Now Hide all the kids, this kinda shit could bring em to tears
Watch how you talk to me lil nigga, I am often uneasy
I say fuck em if they think I’ll eat whatever they feed me, nigga!!!
If from the corner where we do not pray to idols
So fucc your title we are not afraid of rivals
Look straight out the jungle, with pretty women and nudists
Eat the coochie like noodles
Talking numbers in Zulu
They put my niggas on google but misinterpret the movies
My niggas make up the slums, the women thick as they come
Hooligans is they sons, how you getting rich is based on who you murder for the funds, but fucc it though I’m just none!
You don’t like us nigga?
Fucc what you think, only time I’ll sink is when I’m deep in your bitich!!!!
tell sway that these five fingers is heavy
I slap em on anybody and carry on till I’m winded…east side!

Raheem Kemet

ts the end of the line if you trying to blow up my parallels/
They’re ink break fast no serial(cereal)
Like henna bails(Hannibal)
Beat whisperer
The loudest in the harvest weakest
Eye storm centre
You outbound calling
Crows in that field/
Alpha sense yellow when school kids
Pen BUS heavier
Footnote Juliard
You trivia
Toast not raised in my vineyard

Your acceptance speech is sacrilegious to your leneage
I intercept
Like Talmud

My TAAL mood
As I pilot
Frequencies sway from the obvious
New water for new breed emseas split when ominous(when I’m in this)
I am the conjuring
You obtuse
Of this decoup of columbus
I am selasie the coming of TU(two)
You Languish in advent
Of verbal Lazarus patterns
DuBois(da boy)
Picasso under Okri’s
Wiccan how candles lit
Pocket shotta evangelist find your son under 3 star(Oukaapie) amulets to be accurate

NOW Who is King?

I Never had to force the watch of wishing wells to make em

I’m present past
Embody Anansi
Forever not mirrored on
Track cooler(Dracula)

Dmc(the emcee)
Rev Simmons
In Labs given
Cuts that’s fresh(*the fresh cut)
No co writtens
I Parrula (*adj/slang to tare ish up in MAKUA)
Astute from the Me-dula
I Eucalyp(Eucalyptus) Me-dusa
That’s 360 FIVE on corners stoned
Rosetta the loon(the lunis) is
Hive Driven
No sweat shirt!…
Odd future
Lunar the star shooter
That piff not Mart luther
Or also known
As Mutwa
The over head
Sonar flow
The wave apply pressure
Blood diamond Sierra Leon
At Midnight a prayers sworn🤲🏾
A constant 10(Constantine)
Never cut off my nose to spite my pen
Now let’s begin
Treat the mic as my poolpit
When pimpin this Sweet revenge


It won’t be hard to fit em into this hearse
It’s mr Nah Nah.. don’t give that nigga a verse
I’m firing up the rounds until equilibriums burst
The Lion from the South that make hyenas disperse
The Maine make em Weezy when I be pulling the Mack out
Coz y’all need Stoge to remind these niggaz they rap now
piff make em think that I’m sniffing lines in tha background
But my dope don’t need no J or Molley to hash out
, my ass out coz my raps is so gone
& I plan to pilot this private into your dome dawg
I ride tracks, like the Gautrain, peep that flows bwoy cold, you see that I’m showing toes in the snowfall
It’s time for some meta4rical genocide,
All those knots in your pen you’ll never get them untied
You finna square up &
I’ll rap so many circles round your faves that they will slowly get hypnotized
….the crater that I will leave in your voice
Not even Cassper is gonna fill up the void
I bring considerable noise that they pretend to not see
In every single destroyed with insurmountable heat.
Hella quiet with the lip but keep flapping through your palate
when my goons pop clipse they’ll push em with no malice
(Like Pyoo)…..every lyric is so dapper
King KaNE undertaking tha rhythms that chokeslam em
You know, always tell me they sleeping but really what do they know,
it will be hell when they feel it & get 2 sniff up the rows…there won’t be room for the breathing that you will need from the nose…I wouldn’t rock with me neither they all can tell & it shows…
‘ey know we nice ain’t gotta pander to the woke
Niggaz asking KaNE, is dey really hating coz you dope
dey don’t want me on a joint, like a blunt dats laced wit coke
Dis dat holy hard white I’m in contention to be pope
, Tha elevation & growth is like a rocket ship’s…
That always transform when he goes coz I’m an optimist
I harbour confidence with a burgeoning self esteem @ hits da dance moves in the booth with lyric opulence
& I’m proudly here to defeat…. cause the dopeness that I portray is for all who didn’t believe… that I’ll hold it down as a king, the Crown is now at my feet…. I’m focused on my acclaim and I’ll grind until I can see…that I can live off my dreams, until then I’m throwing..

Dirty Mind Trixx

Ayo, salute to all my real niggas in the south side
This shit really for Soweto tho
Really for dk, 985 stand up

Could write a sixteen so pristine
It split spleens
But I break my back, tryna get a platinum plaque
Cuz the kids just wanna trap, they don’t wanna hear me rap
Young, emcee Van Gogh
Painting all these vivid flows
Tryna get a million sold
Reaping all the pain I sewed
Reaper aiming at my soul
Kicking all these rhymes
Every beat left w my soul
every verse Is like a horcrux
Or fortknox , I got this shit on lock

I’m tryna hug the block
But it never hug me back

This one is for Niggas in the Kasi w a strap
Stay the clique spine but nobody got they back
Niggas acting hard
When you know they really soft
See the kasi where I’m from
You gotta steal or shoot
If you really tryna ball

Niggas carry 9s, don’t really care bout peace
Come through and wreck your crew
Like they fuck w Reece
Leave your face mashed, nigga I ain’t talking beats
You can’t kick it how I kick it, man I hand yo ass defeat
Toe to toe w the giants, man this ain’t no small feat
Skinny nigga, punching way above my weight
And I’m swinging like I’m Pacqiao
I’m old school like hand me down
I swear I’m going hard
And hip hop her panties down
I’m serving like I’m Andy now
Murray if I’m specific
I’m wavy like pacific
These bitches wanna ride me
And their niggas wanna be me
I wrote this shit in Braille
So I know they gonna feel it
Always been this real
And I always been a menace
Ask yo dentist
Knock your tooth out
In the booth now
I’m the rapping kamastura
Going hard w every bar
Pussies wanna war
Leave em all wet, dead bodies on the floor
Trapping underground so you know I got no flaws
Steady pulling strings so you know the kid floss
Got this shit mastered so you know I got the sauce
I’m a don, dropping bombs
Like saddam
Who sayin.. dirtymindtrixx ain’t the nicest
Flow elusive just isis
On that fly shit, live like pilots
Dressed in black, like we pirates
Different birdies in the palace
Gimme head, they heard nex
And I Swear that’s a just a flex
Rabanyana, ngyakhathaza
Ngyabachaza, in the north and in the south
Know you treat her like a spouse..

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