Sun-EL Musician Drops Random (Original Mix)

Sun-EL Musician Drops Random (Original Mix)

South Africa’s Sun-El Musician is out with a “Random” number you wanna listen to right now. It is available for streaming on UbeToo.

If you are wondering why he should name the song random, wonder no more. Just listen to the song and you’ll find out just why. The pedestrian title notwithstanding, the song is pretty engaging. So you should have no trouble settling down for a listening session.

Sun-El Musician is one of the better-known music figures in South Africa and one you wouldn’t mind having on your playlist. The champ occupies several offices and does well in them all. He is a singer, a producer and a record label owner.

Many know him as the one who had introduced them to the musical duo of Claudio & Kenza. Well, we hope he shows the world more talented figures in the coming months. For now, you wanna take a deep breath – yeah, exhale – and settle for this “Random” delight that we’re tempted to call an early weekend gift. You might share our verdict.

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