Sun-EL Musician – Lock Down Mix

Sun-El Musician drops "Lock Down Mix"

Sun-El Musician turns the heat up with his newest offering “Lock Down Mix”.

We do hope you’ve been well entertained all through the nationwide lockdown. Everyone thought they would all go nuts with boredom, but it’s nice to see that we are days in and still kicking it well.

In fact, huge shout out to all the artists and disc jockeys who have been a part of the reasons why people are very well entertained. Mzansi hit maker, Sun-El Musician joins the list with his newest release to the airwaves.

For a minute there, we almost wondered what the talented music maker had been up to. It’s nice to see he’s been holed up at home, cooking a great mix specifically for the lockdown.

He calls it the “Lock Down Mix”. The mix was released today for fans to enjoy. It also contains some exclusives from his second album. With people like this, why would Mzansi ever be bored during this quarantine process.

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