Sun-El Musician Premieres Mandinaye Ft. Ami Faku

Sun-El Musician sings “Mandinaye” with Ami Faku, and we’re keen you should hear it. It’s a fine song actually, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Sun-El Musician and Ami Faku are two fine musicians from Mzansi. So when they link up for a number, we know we just have to listen. A listen to their latest collaborative tune might ignite a sun in the spirit of the listener.

The two artiste are so great as collaborators that just about anyone who listens to them would love to hear them croon another song. And another. And yet another. The pleasure in their singing is infinite.

“Mandinaye” is, in a sense, a meeting of two record labels: Vth Season and El World Music. Ami Faku of the “Imali” album fame is one of the signees at Vth Season, and Sun-El Musician runs El World Music.

“Mandinaye” is the first single we’ve heard from the pair this month. The song does fly. In fact, we already count it among the songs you should be chuffed to vibe with this weekend and beyond.

You might want to check out the song below, then, and let us know your thoughts on it, in the comment section. Way to go!

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