Surreal Sessions & Kooldrink – Pound Cake Amapiano Remix

Surreal Sessions and link up for “Pound Cake Amapiano Remix,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music.

One thing that strikes almost immediately about this song is the play on food imagery. Of course, the play wasn’t intentional. But it just cannot be missed.

First off, there’s Kooldrink, which brings up something one readily quaffs. And then there’s Pound Cake, which brings up masticatory images. But that’s by the way.

The songster aced their joint jam, so it’s all fine for the lovers of good music out there. Should be.

“Pound Cake Amapiano Remix” is as much a shoutout to the amapiano genre as it is to the genre’s near-arrogant dominance of South Africa’s music space at the moment.

The song itself might not be the most delicate drop we’ve heard in the genre this month, but it’s a winner. And if, like us, you’re a big fan of a good time, then you should have a lot to nod to from this song. You don’t need to be a staunch amapiano fan to appreciate this number.

Go ahead then, vibe to it, and see your spirit embrace a new plane.

Surreal Sessions & Kooldrink – Pound Cake Amapiano

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