Sushi.b – Shakespeare

What’s in a name? We would say a lot, in most instances. So what’s with a singer adopting the name of one of the most famous dramatists for his song’s title?

Well, we would leave that for you to find out, but you might want to hear right away that Sushi.b has got an interesting number in “Shakespeare,” a tune which seemingly bears an image of the dramatist in his youth and frozen in a moment of introspection.

The song itself is not exactly introspective but it makes for a splendid listening experience, and we are sure you will love every minute of listening to it.

With his new tune, Sushi.b has once again announced himself as a musician worth a place on a playlist -0 and that; ‘s despite him not hugging headlines all over South Africa’s music space. Well, you are welcome to join him and play with “Shakespeare.” Come on!

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