T-Man SA & Dezynna – Angimfuni Omunye

It is new music Friday and also our pleasure to bring you the number T-Man SA and Dezynna have put together: “Angimfuni Omunye.” Fans didn’t have to wait long to see the friends drop what they had promised.

Looking back, one can only smile in the knowledge that the two musicians had taken fans for a ride. They took their time creating this and the result is there to see – a song that speaks to the souls and has the potential to remain memorable for an extensive period. Now, that’s what a splendid jam is all about.

“Angimfuni Omunye” is not only good on the ears but ignites in the listener a desire to see the artists behind the song link up again. There is no assurance they would work together again anytime soon. So you may as well vibe to what is already playing and keep your eyes peeled for what might come next.

T-Man SA & Dezynna – Angimfuni Omunye

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