Taty Geneste – Juice

Taty Geneste releases new song "Juice"

Taty Geneste is out with a brand new song titled “Juice”.

Taty Geneste is killing it these days. The 22 years old RnB artist is a stunning sight to behold and her music is a great listen. We love how much she holds your attention every time her music starts playing.

Truth us, Taty has a great future ahead of her and her career. This is obvious from the kind of songs that she delivers. We have gotten beautiful releases from her including “Honey” and “Different”. Each new release brings her more fans, just as she deserves.

She’s out this time with a new song which she titles “Juice”. You need not be told what to expect from the song when you hear its title. Taty is truly on the climb this year, and nothing will stop her from getting to the top where she belongs. Her music will surely bring her lots of success.

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