TCT – Imali ft. Mthandazo Gatya & Nokwazi

Featuring Mthandazo Gatya & Nokwazi, the Track Resonates with Rich African Rhythms

“Imali” by TCT: A New Wave in Afro House Music

The music scene in 2024 has been enriched with the release of “Imali,” a captivating Afro House track by TCT, featuring the talents of Mthandazo Gatya and Nokwazi. This song, available on various platforms including Spotify, Fakaza, and Juno Download, marks a significant moment in the genre, blending traditional African rhythms with contemporary sounds.

“Imali,” which translates to ‘money’ in Zulu, is more than just a song; it’s a vibrant celebration of African culture and music. TCT, known for his dynamic production skills, has masterfully crafted a track that resonates with the soulful vocals of Mthandazo Gatya and the powerful voice of Nokwazi, a renowned South African singer.

The song is already growing in popularity. Fans can enjoy the rich blend of beats and melodies that characterize Afro House music, a genre that continues to gain global recognition. The track’s presence on these platforms showcases the increasing demand for Afro House music and the artists’ ability to reach a global audience.

The release of “Imali” is a significant addition to the world of Afro House music. It not only showcases the talents of TCT, Mthandazo Gatya, and Nokwazi but also highlights the rich musical heritage of Africa. As the genre continues to evolve, “Imali” stands out as a beacon of innovation and cultural expression, resonating with fans across the globe.



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