Team Mosha – Londie (feat. DJ Sumbody & Bean SA)

Team Mosha has got a fine time, comprising DJ Sumbody and Bean SA, crooning “Londie.”

That song is taken from the South African boy band’s “Expect The Unexpected” album. Indeed, the listener gets to expect the unexpected vibing with this song – a treat to the ears.

Of the guests on this song, Bean SA, whose name somehow reminds us of Mr Bean, happens to have appeared the least on our orbit. The other guest has appeared the most. But that’s by the way.

Although the first time we’ve listened to Team Mosha, and DJ Sumbody on the same number, it is clear they are a fiery team. Yeah, they did do well together that one cannot but look forward to them collaborating again in the future.

Until another drop, of course, we’re having an intercourse with “Londie,” and urging you to do the same – assuming, like us, you care for a good time.

The title of the song somehow reminds us of Mzansi songstress and one of the newest moms in town, Londie London. But is the song about her? Get rady to find out, if you please. The experience is worth it, we might add.

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Mp3 Download

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