Tebza De SouL Drops 10K Appreciation Mix

Tebza De continues the tradition of his compatriots in Mzansi, dropping what he calls “10k Appreciation Mix.” The “1ok” in the title stands for ten thousand social media followers.

South Africa has a vibrant music industry and some of its musicians are pretty public and effusive in their appreciation of fans for followership on social media and other forms of support.

Usually, the artiste would release a bearing as part of the title the number of followers the artistes is grateful for. Tebza De follows the same path, releasing “10K Appreciation Mix.” The bears nine tracks in all.


  1. Tebza De SouL – Healing ft. Prescott
  2. Tebza De SouL – Tonight (Dub Mix)
  3. Tebza De SouL – Syndrome (Original Mix)
  4. Tebza De SouL – Let’s Do It ft. Salvador
  5. Ree Morris & Tebza De SouL – Destination (Original Mix)
  6. Jazzuelle & Tebza De SouL – Sapphire (Original Mix)
  7. Tebza De SouL – Ironic Deep (Original Mix)
  8. Tebza De SouL – Deep Feelings (Dub Mix)
  9. Kid Fonque & Jonny Miller – Somewhere (Tebza De Remix) ft. Jaiden Veda

Tebza De is the lead artiste on all nine tracks, from dub mix to original mix. However, he picked some fine voices to work with him on some of the songs. The result is a splendid musical feast you should be chuffed to return to over and over again.

You can check out the mix below.

Mp3 Download

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