Teddy James III Goes “Green” In New Song Featuring J Molley and MOËTT

It isn’t yet Friday but there is already a memorable beat that will take you comfortably into the weekend and even usher in the new week – without boredom for once intruding.

The number is nothing other than “Green” and it has J Molley and MOËTT as guests. This is a number of young blokes, yes, with the lead singer seemingly the youngest of the pack – at just 17.

But as you probably already know at this point, age does not necessarily determine how good one is as a musician, for one can be old yet a manque artist. But that is by the way. It is hard not to see that the musicians hit is off on this number.

There’s great symbolism in the title of this song, encapsulating the vibrancy of life, growth, effulgence of spirit and so much more. It couldn’t have come at a better time, seeing as the weekend is just around the corner.

This tune presents itself as something to not only vibe with but to adopt for a cool weekend away from the drab as well. You only need to listen to the number to appreciate its power. Wouldn’t you rather check it out now? Come on!

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