Teekay Malepe – Waya Waya

The talented Teekay Malepe has unleashed a new “Waya Waya” dance jam into the airwaves.

Thanks to the Piano scene, Mzansi is never low on dance music. The world knows we love to dance. Teekay Malepe is the latest DJ lighting up the scene with a new entry.

The talented muso has made several entries into the airwaves. His entries include “Traveling To Mozambique,” “Ring Ring,” “Stimela (Acapella),” “New Hit Ngimoja,” “Cold On My Skin,” “Wamuhle,” “Mountain Kili… Pcee,” “Pele Pele,” “Raham,” and more. His entries have been well-received by fans. Still making moves, Teekay Malepe has returned to the airwaves with a new entry.

He titled this one “Waya Waya.” He also put a lot of work into making it. The song is perfect for the coming weekend. Check it out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a Piano playlist of your choice this weekend.

Teekay Malepe – Waya Waya

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