Tha Maniac DJ – Izinto ft. Aubrey Qwana & Jamville

This Maniac is not a lunatic. He’s only a musician and good and wooing his audience. And he’s just released another interesting number. Tha Maniac DJ’s song “Izinto” has Jamville and Aubrey Qwana as guests.

From this song, you get the message that things happen. Life happens. Some of these experiences might not be pleasant, but then, isn’t that the reality of life itself.

“Izinto” might get you introspective. Perhaps not. But at the end of the day, you come off with the feeling that you have listened to a song well worth every second of its playtime.

The choices of Jamville and Aubrey Qwana cannot be faulted in that both guests did great on their beats. It’s a meeting of friends who share great collaborative synergy. And yeah, you should love what they have put together.

“Izinto” is a song with a message that rings true, a message that you’ll find yourself reflecting on again and again because, well, the message is somehow timeless.

With the release of this song, The Maniac DJ’s has once again made it clear he’s one artist to be taken seriously. Go ahead and tap into the world of his thoughts with the song he’s released.

Tha Maniac DJ – Izinto ft. Aubrey Qwana & Jamville

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