The Killers – Rebel Diamonds Album

A New Era of Nostalgia and Innovation in Their Latest Release

The Killers, the renowned American rock band, have once again captivated the music world with the release of their latest album, “Rebel Diamonds.” This album, set to be a greatest hits collection, marks a significant milestone in the band’s illustrious career, showcasing their journey from their early days to their current status as rock icons.

“Rebel Diamonds” is not just a compilation of The Killers’ past hits; it also features a newly released song titled “Spirit.” This track adds a fresh dimension to the album, blending the band’s classic sound with new, innovative elements. The album serves as the second greatest hits collection by The Killers, following their 2013 release, “Direct Hits.”

The album’s tracklist is a journey through The Killers’ musical evolution, featuring classics like “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine,” “Mr. Brightside,” and “All These Things That I’ve Done.” Each song in the collection is a reminder of the band’s ability to craft timeless music that resonates with fans across generations.

“Rebel Diamonds” is more than just a retrospective; it’s a celebration of The Killers’ enduring impact on the rock genre. The inclusion of “Spirit” in the album signifies the band’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries while staying true to their roots. This balance between nostalgia and innovation is what makes “Rebel Diamonds” a standout release.

As fans and critics alike dive into this latest offering, “Rebel Diamonds” is poised to reaffirm The Killers’ status as one of the most influential rock bands of the modern era. Their ability to evolve while maintaining their core essence is a testament to their artistry and dedication to their craft.

The Killers’ “Rebel Diamonds” is not just a collection of hits; it’s a narrative of their journey, a reflection of their growth, and a glimpse into their future. As the band continues to make waves in the music industry, “Rebel Diamonds” will undoubtedly be remembered as a pivotal moment in their ongoing legacy.

Rebel Diamonds Album


1 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine 4:03
2 Mr. Brightside 3:43
3 All These Things That I’ve Done 5:01
4 Somebody Told Me 3:18
5 When You Were Young 3:37
6 Read My Mind 4:03
7 Human 4:08
8 Spaceman 4:44
9 A Dustland Fairytale 3:45
10 Be Still 4:33
11 Runaways 4:04
12 The Man 4:08
13 Caution 4:29
14 My Own Soul’s Warning 4:33
15 Dying Breed 4:05
16 Pressure Machine 4:43
17 Quiet Town 4:16
18 boy 3:33
19 Your Side of Town 3:07
20 Spirit 2:58



  1. First Impressions: What was your initial reaction to The Killers’ new album “Rebel Diamonds”?
  2. Favorite Track: Which song from “Rebel Diamonds” resonates with you the most, and why?
  3. New vs. Old: How do you think the new song “Spirit” compares to The Killers’ classic hits included in the album?
  4. Evolution of Sound: In what ways do you feel The Killers’ music has evolved or stayed consistent over the years?
  5. Album Highlights: What aspects of “Rebel Diamonds” do you think make it stand out from their previous albums?
  6. Nostalgic Elements: Which song in “Rebel Diamonds” brings back the most memories for you, and what are those memories?
  7. Band’s Legacy: How do you think “Rebel Diamonds” contributes to The Killers’ legacy in the rock music genre?
  8. Musical Journey: How does “Rebel Diamonds” reflect The Killers’ journey as a band from their debut to now?
  9. Live Performance Anticipation: Which songs from “Rebel Diamonds” are you most excited to see performed live?
  10. Future Expectations: Based on “Rebel Diamonds,” what direction do you hope The Killers will take in their future music projects?

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