The Majestiez & Ntokzin – Ndivile ft. Jazzy King Kong, Mr Gun & Moscow On Keyz

Dynamic Collaboration Unleashes "Ndivile": A Fusion of Amapiano Brilliance

A Fresh Wave in the Amapiano Scene

The music industry is set ablaze with the release of “Ndivile,” a groundbreaking track that sees The Majestiez teaming up with Ntokzin. This collaboration is enriched further by the talents of Jazzy King Kong, Mr Gun, and Moscow On Keyz, making it a must-listen for Amapiano enthusiasts.

Innovative Soundscapes

“Ndivile” represents a significant moment for the involved artists, showcasing a blend of rhythmic Amapiano beats and soulful melodies. Ntokzin, known for his contributions to the Amapiano genre, brings his unique sound to the mix, previously highlighted in tracks like “Hleka Nabo” and collaborations on hits like “Bambelela (Nyamezela)”​​.

The Majestiez and Ntokzin: A Synergistic Pair

This isn’t the first time Ntokzin has collaborated with The Majestiez. Their history of producing captivating music together, such as in “Ngisize Mdali,” has set a precedent for quality and innovation in the genre​​. Ntokzin’s solo projects, including “Ngelosi” featuring MalumNator and Moscow On Keyz, also speak to the depth of his musical talent and the eclectic nature of his collaborations​ ​.

Anticipation and Reception

The anticipation surrounding “Ndivile” stems from both The Majestiez’s and Ntokzin’s proven track records in delivering hits that resonate with the Amapiano audience. Their ability to weave together intricate beats with mesmerizing vocals promises a track that’s not only enjoyable but also reflective of the genre’s evolving landscape.

“Ndivile” marks a significant addition to the Amapiano genre, promising to captivate listeners with its unique blend of beats and harmonies. As the track makes its way across music platforms, it’s set to become a staple in playlists, echoing the collaborative spirit and innovation of its creators.


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