Themba Broly – Thando Ft. Da Real Gimmic, Knuttz & Jy

Broly is the man of the hour, thanks in part to his recently released album, which has “Thando” as one of the tracks. That number has Da Real Gimmic, Knuttz and Jy.

What comes to mind hearing this jam from the songster? A new kid on the block? (Oh, pardon the cliche). The truth, though, is that isn’t new on the music scene; he just hadn’t gained the resonance he sought.

Auditioning for the reality show and making it to the final thrust him into the public’s consciousness and ignited interest in not just him as a person but what he was doing before going for the reality show.

Music was one such thing. So you might want to say an ancient mariner returns to his ship – oh, well, in a sense. To the songster’s credit, he actually created a number worth hearing. “Thando” has a musicality that can’t be lost to anyone with an open mind.

So, if you consider yourself open-minded, you’re in for a great time with what Malume Brolly has composed in collaboration with Da Real Gimmic, Knuttz and Jy. And no, there’s no gimmick to that claim.

Broly – Thando Ft. Da Real Gimmic, Knuttz & Jy

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