TNS – Call For Calm In SA (Madlokovu Mix)

TNS is playing his part as an influencer y releasing a to address the recent riot and looting that took place in SA recently in. Some South Africans, mostly Jacob Zuma took to the streets to protest the release of the former South African president who was locked.

hit maker, TNS aims to trill and calm fans with his talent, hence the title of the mix, he titled it “Call for Calm In SA” (Madlokovu Mix).

South African music artists has been killing it in terms of music releases this year but the riot seemed to slow things down over this past week as some events were canceled due to the recent riot, many took to social media to voice their opinion and condemn the looting side of the protest and riot while some are in support of the looting because they feel like the poor have been abandoned for too long and the looting was a result of joblessness in the country.

It is amazing to see artist tackle the situation in a different way by releasing a mix. We have gotten impressive entries from some of the finest DJs but not so many have been creative enough to use their art to address the ongoing issue. Obviously not absent in the midst of all this, the talented singer, DJ and music producer TNS is here to calm his fans and listeners down with a long journey of “Call for Calm In SA” mix.

The Mzansi star previously blessed the airwaves with his latest album “Phupholetu” and dominated the airwaves with hits from the project but we haven’t heard from him since the release in terms of music release. Enjoy his new below.

TNS – Call For Calm In SA (Madlokovu Mix)

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