TNS Drops Shova Ft. Maque

Days after he announced the imminent release of his song “Shova,” TNS has released the song. It has Maque as the sole guest.

“Shova” is part of the double-disc album TNS had asked fans to look forward to in January 2021. You might consider the song and previous releases from the compilation as pacifiers – stuff to hold to before the feast of songs that’s the imminent album.

As a prelude to what is imminent, “Shova,” we should say, might leave many expectant. It is a song of potent force – something you wanna vibe with all day. Hopefully, the same energy might be evident in the songs in TNS’s upcoming project.

While await the two-disc album, we ask you to join us for a lyrical treat. “Shova” is it. The song is potent enough to assuage the hunger of many until TNS’s album drops. Wouldn’t you rather say “Shova” and experience something energizing and different? You don’t wanna miss out!

Well, how would you rate “Shova” on a scale of zero to ten? Did TNS and Maque nail the number? You might want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!

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