TNS Premieres Kunzima Madoda Ft. Angel

New music alert, declared in an Instagram post. In that post, he had shared what was apparently a teaser of the new music. Well, the song is here finally. It is titled “Kunziza Madoda” and features Angel.

Has the wait for the song been worth it? We should think so. For one, “Kunziza Madoda” is an ear charmer – a song with an infectious flow that draws you into its orbit again and again.

“Kunziza Madoda” is the first collaborative single we’ve heard from and Angel this month. No qualms, though. The pair had a great time spitting their bars. It’s a delight listening to them.

The guest artiste Angel hasn’t popped on our orbit previously but did great beside TNS. On the strength of this song, we’re for the two of them linking up again for another number. Hopefully that drops soon. In the interim, though, you might want to join us as we embrace what’s in hand: “Kunziza Madoda” – a work of undeniable lyrical charm.

How would you rate “Kunziza Madoda” by and his Angel friend? We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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