“Too Blessed To Stress” Album By USA Based Artist Jesse10s Drops

“This is a compilation of hope, faith & testimonies of the Lord’s goodness in my highs & lows. As the world went through a global pandemic, I was hit with depression, anxiety, & the people I trusted most turning against me. Through it all, one thing stood out to me, God’s love is bigger than our shortcomings and if his on our side, nothing can ever stand against us. Finding my identity in Christ and realizing how blessed I am to be loved by my Father in Heaven, made me grow my faith and trust in Him.” – Jesse10s

No matter the storm, or how bad things may get, I can choose to trust in God despite what reality may say. God will always have my back because I’m His child and this made me realize that I am “Too BLESSED To STRESS”.

Track List:

1. Loco – is a Spanish word for crazy and this song explains God’s crazy love for us.

2. Control – this track features LIMOBLAZE & talks about God being in control regardless of the situation, if the birds in the air don’t farm yet He feeds them, then He got me so let the worry for tomorrow fade away.

3. For me (Bisso) – This song features 4 languages (English, French Lingala & Luganda) through the song Virtuoz and I go back and forth basting about the amnesty & refuge found in Christ.

4. Need you [remix] – the song features both English and Spanish lyrics as well as a guest appearance from Orlando Rivera.

5. Amazing – God is super amazing no other way to explain this rather than teaming up with Rabbi Le Prince to praise the lord in both French and English.

6. Oh lord – on this track I open up about family members turning against me and trying to steal land from me that was my inheritance, they almost succeed but God came through for me in the right moment and exposed them one by one they turned against each other and opened up about their play to steal from me, this was a major inspiration to the that God got us regardless of the battles we face.

7. Party – this is Afro dancehall track that explains the fun found in having Christ at the center of our lives as youth in Christ.

8. Yesu Bambi – Kingdmusic and I get really honest and vulnerable in crying out to God to help us overcome the trials and temptations we face as young people.

9. Born Again – finding our identity in chest is a big thing for any young Christian,
it solves so many issues because, if any man be in Christ, then his been
renewed and Born Again.

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