Touchline & Ginger Trill – Boyzen Da Hood EP

"Boyzen Da Hood": The Fresh Beat on the Block

Touchline & Ginger Trill Drop a Hip-Hop Gem with Their Latest EP

In a vibrant addition to the hip-hop scene, Touchline & Ginger Trill have released their much-anticipated EP, “Boyzen Da Hood.” The project, which showcases a fusion of lyrical prowess and dynamic beats, is now available for streaming and has already started making waves in the music industry.

The EP features a collection of nine tracks, each telling a unique story and showcasing the duo’s versatility and chemistry. Notable tracks like “We Up” and “Tell a Friend” set the tone for the EP, offering fans a taste of the duo’s signature style. The collaboration with Mandy ZA on “Superhero” and the inclusion of Kwesta and Mabz on other tracks add depth and variety to the project.

“Boyzen Da Hood” stands out not only for its catchy hooks and beats but also for its introspective lyrics that resonate with the duo’s audience. With this release, Touchline & Ginger Trill have solidified their place in the hip-hop community, offering a fresh and authentic sound that’s bound to captivate listeners.

The EP’s release on November 3, 2023, marks a significant moment for the artists, as they continue to rise and leave their mark on the music scene. Fans and new listeners alike can dive into the world of “Boyzen Da Hood” across various streaming platforms, experiencing the raw energy and passion that Touchline & Ginger Trill have poured into this project.

Boyzen Da Hood EP


Touchline &Amp; Ginger Trill - Boyzen Da Hood Ep 2


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