TpZee – Amaphepha Album

TpZee's "Amaphepha": A Sonic Journey Through Electronic Beats

The Freshly Released Album Takes Listeners on an Eclectic Aural Experience

In the realm of electronic music, TpZee has emerged with a new album that’s stirring the airwaves. Titled “Amaphepha,” the album is a collection of tracks that showcase TpZee’s versatility and innovation in the genre. The album, available for pre-release on Apple Music since November 3, 2023, features a mix of soulful melodies and rhythmic beats that promise to captivate listeners.

The album opens with the eponymous track “Amaphepha,” a collaboration with King JS that sets the tone for the journey ahead. It’s followed by “Inhliziyo” and “Umthathe,” the latter featuring Slick Widit, which continue to build on the album’s vibrant soundscape. “Thandiwe” sees TpZee joining forces with Slick Widit & Plug_man, offering a track that’s both emotive and dance-inducing.

“Langa Elihle,” another collaboration with King JS, stands out with its harmonious blend of electronic and traditional elements. The album also includes tracks like “Umshini” and “Mustafa,” where TpZee teams up with Plugman, and “Amaningi,” a joint effort with Bitter Soul & King Monopoly, further diversifying the album’s sound.

“Amaphepha” is now available for streaming and download across various platforms, including Fakaza and Qobuz, where listeners can enjoy high-resolution audio. TpZee’s latest offering is a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of electronic music, inviting fans to immerse themselves in a world of innovative beats and soul-stirring rhythms.

Amaphepha Album






1 Amaphepha TpZee & King JS 6:02
2 Inhliziyo TpZee & King JS 6:17
3 Umthathe (feat. Slick Widit) TpZee & King JS 7:16
4 Thandiwe (feat. Slick Widit & Plug_man) TpZee, King JS & Tracy 5:50
5 Langa Elihle (feat. King JS) TpZee & King JS 6:43
6 Umshini TpZee, King JS & Plug_man 7:38
7 Mustafa TpZee, King JS & Plug_man 5:51
8 Amaningi TpZee, Bitter Soul & King Monopoly 6:08
9 Hello Sponono (feat. Authentic 101) TpZee & King JS 4:34


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