Tranquillo – Weh Sisi Ft. LulownoRif

Tranquillo creates a moment of great tranquility with a new jam titled “Weh Sisi,” featuring pal LulownoRif.

These are not exactly the buzzing names in South African music, and from the look of things, they’re not ushing their brands as well as they should.

For a start, Tranquillo adopted a stage name that doesn’t make him stand out at once. Something unique would have been great so he doesn’t get lost in a search – in remotest pages that people don’t get to look at.

LulownoRif is a band of two DJs and producers. Interestingly, there;\s nothing about them on their joint page on Instagram, except for one picture of them together. Their individual pages don’t tell much about them or their work.

The cover art of “Weh Sisi,” a song for which they collaborated with Tranquillo, is neither to be found on their joint page nor is it available on their individual pages – a terrible mistake to make for musicians who are at best described as up-and-coming.

Anyway, these peccadilloes aside, “Weh Sisi” does sound like a number to vibe to, so you may well go ahead and rock it for all it’s worth. Let the music begin if you please.

Tranquillo – Weh Sisi Ft. LulownoRif

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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