Tresor Drops Music Video For “Zwakala”

Tresor is out with the music video of his song “Zwakala,” which you can stream here on UbeToo.

The music video popped on the South African musician’s YouTube channel yesterday 17 September 2020 and has been viewed over 600 times at last count.

“Zwakala” video was long in the making. Now that it is out, fans are clearly chuffed with it, as should be obvious from their responses, seen in the comment section.

The song “Zwakala” had a robust reception on release, and we’re confident the music video will have similar reach, although it might appear to be crawling in fan engagement right now.

The video is pretty rich in imagery and might tickle a wild part of your imagination. It is worth every second of its 3 minutes and 57-second play time.

By the way, the video drops amid the call by fans that Tresor collaborate with Vhudie, the Idols SA singer of the “My Yoki Yoki” fame. There’s no collaborative joint from them yet. But we expect them tpo drop a number soon.

D you think the video merits the hype surrounding it? You may want to checck the video out below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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