Tripsy, Lady Du, Davido & Nektunez – Freeway ft. DJ Pee Raven (Remix)

Having multiple artists on the same number has been a subject of debate for as long as we can remember. But we doubt anyone would question the merit of Tripsy, Lady Du, and Nektunez’s “Freeway (Remix)” tune with DJ Pee Raven. 

This number brings together musicians from different countries. But the differences end there. As a group, they actually aced the number. 

Lady Du is one of the key voices in SOUTH Africa’s orbit. Nektunez and Tripsy are themselves fine musicians. DJ Pee Raven is a maestro of the decks and turntables, and is easily one of the most recognised faces in Nigeria’s and afrobeat universes.

The voices might be varied, but the flow and musical synergy will get just about any music nut nodding approval 

So, yes, here is one song to nod to this weekend and even beyond. It’s irrelevant whether you’re a addict or a buff; so long as you’re not opposed to a good time, you should love what these musicians have put together. 

Take this jam as a weekend gift and run with it — on a freeway or wherever you find yourself. Let the music begin if you please. 

Tripsy, Lady Du, Davido & Nektunez – Freeway ft. DJ Pee Raven (Remix)

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